Water Damage Restoration in Southwest Michigan

Water Damage Restoration Experts Serving Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Holland and Battle Creek

Water damage from flooding, burst pipes, storm damage, mold, and mildew must be addressed immediately. Fortunately, Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration Services in Grand Rapids is a water mitigation specialist and remediation specialist. If you live in the Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or Holland area of Southwest Michigan and require water damage restoration, we can help. Here is what you can do to avoid further damage until help arrives:

  1. Remove loose, fragile, or porous objects that have been exposed to water, such as photographs, wood furniture, or smaller items, and store them in a dry place.
  2. Ensure electric cords and outlets are safe.
  3. Call our 24/7 emergency hotline at 800-968-2453.

Why You Must Act Fast

Water damage can occur almost immediately. Aside from losing cherished personal items, you also run the risk of mold and mildew, some of which can be hazardous and require more expensive remediation. Electrical issues can occur with water exposure, drywall can become irreparable, and insurance may or may not cover the cost, depending on the root cause. When disaster strikes, a quick response is the only response, and Anderson Brothers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is up to the task.  

What You Can Expect From Us

Our professional service technicians are IICRC-certified experts. We even provide education and training to others, so we are always prepared to act quickly on your behalf. We use professional-grade equipment that removes water and allows for thorough drying to leave your home and personal items in the best condition possible. After water removal, we will sanitize the space, ensure there is no remaining odor, and inspect additional damage. We can also work directly with your insurance company to provide a stress-free experience for you. 

Why Choose Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration?

First, aside from our certifications, Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration has served southwest Michigan residents and commercial businesses since 1968, and our customer reviews demonstrate our customer focus. Next, we are specialists with professional equipment and first-hand knowledge using advanced water damage restoration techniques and removal techniques. Finally, we communicate every step of the way so that there are no surprises. We will assess your situation, provide you with options, and work with you to deliver the best results to restore your home and property to its pre-water condition. 

At Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration, we value trust, professionalism, and communication. Find out why our other customers trust us with their homes. If you require water removal, call our emergency hotline at 800-968-2453 or contact us online

What Our Valued Customers Have to Say


“Tom and Derrick are a fantastic team to call when encountering water damage. They came in a very short time when I called Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration to report a water leak in our basement. They expertly handled the situation and even moved furniture to get their equipment in quickly to mitigate the damage. After checking back the next day to see if the water had abated they returned the third day to remove their equipment and return our furniture to its original places. They were very professional and prompt. They called before coming and arrived on time. We sincerely appreciate their handling of our emergency.”

— Jane Grove Pearson

Water Damage Restoration October 28, 2020