Mold Remediation in Southwest Michigan

Remove the Mold Today from Your Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Holland or Battle Creek Property

Mold can start with a small water intrusion in a hidden area, or left untreated, or one that hasn’t been cleaned up properly. If an Environmental Consultant or Certified Mold Assessor has discovered the presence of mold inside your Southwestern Michigan home or business, the last thing you’ll want to do is ignore it. Left untreated, mold can impact the health of those exposed to it, especially those with allergies or asthma. Moreover, the longer mold sits on your property, the more damage it can cause.

Our Mold Remediation Inspection Process

At Anderson Brothers Restoration & Cleaning, we follow mold removal and remediation from the very beginning through to the end. Our IICRC-certified technicians in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and nearby areas monitor every step of the process:

  • Inspecting and Evaluating – We’ll determine whether you have a problem and to what extent it is. Sometimes homeowners think they are dealing with black mold when it’s really something else. Our qualified technicians know the difference and can guide you in the right direction. If you do have a mold problem, we’ll come up with a plan to clean it up.
  • Containing and Treating the Mold – Mold spreads easily, so we implement a containment process to keep it contained while we work to clean it up. With only the safest products, we treat the moldy area. This takes a little bit of time but will destroy the mold in your home.
  • Establishing Drying Objectives – Using professional-grade equipment, we’ll ensure there is no moisture left in the area where we’ve found and treated mold. Once the area has dried, we will be able to sanitize the area in an effort to prevent further mold growth.
  • Removing and Cleaning Objects – Chances are there was more damage from the mold than just the structure of your home. We’ll remove objects that have become harmful, clean what we can, and replace the objects that are safe to be returned to the house.
  • Environmental Testing – Your home will need to pass environmental tests to ensure it is safe to inhabit once again. We take care of clearance testing as one final step before turning the area over to our construction crew if repairs are needed.

What Risks Involved With Improper Mold Cleanup

Too many homeowners are tempted to clean up the mold on their own. While this might sound like an economical solution, it could end up costing you more severely in the end. Some risks involved with improper cleanup include:

  • Putting a band-aid on a gushing wound – Mold spreads, so you can’t just put a band-aid on it. Most homeowners don’t have the tools, products, or techniques it requires to get rid of the mold for good. Without doing it properly, the mold is going to return.
  • Exposing family members to mold – Containment is a very important step in the process of mold remediation. If your family members are exposed to mold because it’s not contained properly, there are various illnesses that could be picked up. This includes mold-induced asthma, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and allergic fungal sinusitis. In basic terms, your family could suffer from multiple breathing and lung diseases.
  • Paying more than you should – When you don’t get the job done right, you typically end up paying more to fix what you did wrong.

Why Choose Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration?

When you choose Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration for mold removal and remediation, you’re choosing a company that cares. Serving the areas of Battle Creek, Holland, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Southwest Michigan, our professionals reach a wide range of people. With qualified technicians who have years of experience, you can rest assured you’re getting the best in the industry when you need mold remediation.
We also have a variety of other services, such as fire damage restoration, storm damage recovery, water damage restoration, and construction solutions. Offering air duct cleaning, hard surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more, we have all the services you need when disaster strikes.

Get the Mold Remediation Help You Need — FAST!

If mold has invaded your property, contact Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration at once. Our mold remediation team has the tools and experience to recommend an effective solution for eliminating it. When you call on us, we’ll:

  • Identify sources of mold on your property
  • Treat mold-infested areas
  • Employ measures to prevent your mold problem from recurring

Don’t let a mold problem fester when Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration can help. For more information about our Southwest Michigan mold remediation services or to schedule an appointment, call us today or use the form below.

Mold Remediation
Mold and moisture buildup can happen to any home but can be a hazard. Contact us today to learn how we can remove it.

I highly recommend Anderson Brothers Steamatic. They were professional and friendly from my initial call to the service follow up after their work was completed. We had a leak in our roof that caused damage to our kitchen ceiling and a need for mold remediation. Shay was able to schedule Dudley and Harold to come quickly to provide an assessment and estimate the damage. We received an email quote the same day and were able to schedule service quickly. The mold remediation process was handled with care and professionalism. They ensured a clean and safe environment protecting all surfaces with plastic and sealing off the kitchen from the rest of our home. Once the mold was removed, John came replaced the drywall in the ceiling and painted it to match the original design. The entire project took a week. They were timely, meticulous and reassuring. They kindly answered all of our questions and made sure we had no concerns. I would not hesitate to call Anderson Brothers Steamatic if future needs arise.

— Cindy Koszut

Mold Remediation December 1, 2020