Meth Lab Removal and Remediation in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids & Southwest Michigan

The clandestine production of the illegal drug methamphetamine in a Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or Southwest Michigan home or commercial facility poses health hazards for any future occupants, even long after production has stopped. If you’re the owner of a Southwest Michigan property formerly used as a drug lab, proper meth lab cleaning/remediation is essential. Anderson Brothers Cleaning & Restoration offers professional decontamination services designed to ensure the safety and habitability of structures formerly used as meth labs. We can successfully clean and restore your property to help keep its inhabitants safe and protect you from future liability.

Experience and Professionalism

Meth labs are surprisingly common. If you’re concerned about the lingering effects of methamphetamine production on your property, Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration can help. We have the expertise it takes to eliminate the health hazards left behind by meth labs. And you can count on our technicians to deliver prompt, professional service.

Safeguard your home or commercial facility with meth lab cleaning services from Anderson Brothers Cleaning and Restoration in Southwestern Michigan. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and to schedule your consultation.

Meth Lab Cleaning